Main PBs – 5k: 16.49, 10k: 35.14, Half-Marathon: 1h19.49, Marathon: 2h52.44

All on Power of 10 (yes, there’s a Triple Jump result…). And even on Strava


Number Date Location Country Distance Time Position Competitors
55 Sept-18 San Francisco USA Half-Marathon  –  –
54 July-18 Swakopmund Namibia Parkrun + many more  –  –
53 May-18 Hadrian’s Wall UK 110km… 10 hours?  –  –
52c Apr-18 London UK Marathon – HOT 3h16.32 2,583 47,810
52b Apr-18 Copenhagen Denmark 20km  –  –
52 Mar-18 Valencia – World Champs Spain Half-Marathon  1h23.11  828th 12,551 
51b Mar-18 London – Big Half UK Half-Marathon 1h22.47 374th 11,506


Number Date Location Country Distance Time Position Competitors
51 Nov-17 San Sebastian Spain Marathon 2h54.51  249th  2,711
50 Oct-17 Ljubljana Slovenia Half-Marathon 1h22.30  60th 7,311
49 Oct-17 Ajusco Volcano Mexico Volcano!  –  –
48c Sep-17 Stockholm Sweden 15km  –  –
48b Sep-17 New York USA 25km  –
48 Sep-17 Washington (Navy HM) USA Half-Marathon  1h26.43 69th   6,712
47b Sep-17 Kent AC UK 10k 35.14  2nd 23
47 Jul-17 Corsica France 17.5km (Mountain) 1h19.52  11th  ~50
46 Apr-17 Vienna Austria Marathon 3h02.01  302nd  6,336 
45c Mar-17 Paddock Wood UK Half-Marathon 1h26.59  179th  2,164 
45b Mar-17 Reading UK Half-Marathon 1h24.35   318th 9,900 
45 Feb-17 Cuba Cuba Tour de Cuba (150km)  –


Number Date Location Country Distance Time Position Competitors
44 Dec-16 San Jose Costa Rica Half-Marathon 1h29.50  53rd  451 
43 Oct-16 Frankfurt Germany Marathon 2h52.44   610th 11,883 
42 Oct-16 Red Bull Steeplechase Exmoor, UK 23km  2h11.01 102nd   281
41 Aug-16 Stavanger Norway Half-Marathon 1h24.09  19th 834
40b Jun-16 Battersea UK 10km 36.25  12th  108
40 Jun-16 Torshavn Faroe Islands Half-Marathon 1h23.52   2nd  358
39 May-16 Riga Latvia Half-Marathon 1h22.02   43rd 3,559
38 Apr-16 London England Marathon 2h53.50  1,132nd   39,109
37 Mar-16 Cardiff (World Champs) Wales Half-Marathon 1h19.49  239th  12,068
36 Mar-16 Silverstone Grand Prix England Half-Marathon 1h20.35  27th  6,712
35c Feb-16 Hampton Court
England Half-Marathon  1h23.07   47th 3,856 
35b Jan-16 Bishop’s Park England 5km 17.09  8th 373
35 Jan-16 Zurich (New Year – Night) Switzerland Half-Marathon (ish) 1h30.27  20th 324


Number Date Location Country Distance Time Position Competitors
34b Dec-15 Olympic Park, London England 10km 36.18 11th 1,309
34 Nov-15 Lyon Urban Trail (Night) France 26km 2h30.49 134th 1,733
33 Oct-15 Amsterdam Netherlands Marathon  3h07.04 (ILL) 809th 12,357
32 Sep-15 Route du Vin Luxembourg Half-Marathon 1h23.05  70th  1,692 
31d Sep-15 Essex Championships England Half-Marathon  1h20.07 26th   391
31c Sep-15 Olympic Park, London England 10km 36.45  7th  480 
31b Aug-15 Wimbledon, London England 5km 16.49  10th  13 
31 Aug-15 Race the Train Wales XC Half-Marathon (22.5km) 1h45.15 169th 932
30 Aug-15 Ethiotrail Ethiopia Trail Half-Marathon 2h06.50   11th 68 
29 Jul-15 Sealand Sealand Half-Marathon 1h27
28b Jun-15 Bishop’s Park, London England 5km  17.08 3rd 269
28 Jun-15 Classic Quarter England Trail Half-Marathon Relay  1h57.26 8th  80
27 May-15 Brussels Belgium 20km 1h20.08  480th 32,964
26d May-15 BUPA British Champs England 10km 36.11   259th 11,988 
26c May-15 Night of the 10,000m England 10km 36.40  ~100th   110
26b May-15 English Southern League England 5km 17.10  5th   10
26 Apr-15 Rotterdam Netherlands Marathon 2h53.49  339th 11,879
25 Mar-15 Lisbon Portugal Half-Marathon 1h22.55   180th  10,560
24 Mar-15 Paris France Half-Marathon  1h21.17 335th  34,879 
23 Feb-15 Almaty Kazakhstan 25km  –  –
22 Feb-15 Ust-Kamenogorsk Kazakhstan 15km  –  –
21 Feb-15 Istanbul Turkey 20km  –  –
20 Feb-15 London England 10km 36.10  9th  11,469 
19d Jan-15 Bushy Park, London England 10km 36.56 3rd  165
19c Jan-15 Bishop’s Park, London England 5km 17.36 4th  168


Number Date Location Country Distance Time Position Competitors
19b Dec-14 Bishop’s Park, London England 5km 17.48 2nd 95
19 Nov-14 Miribel (Lyon) France “20 km”  Half Marathon  1h21.24 6th  685 
18b Oct-14 Brockwell Park, London England 10km 38.57  7th   111
18 Sep-14 Berlin Germany Marathon 3h00.21 1,288th 28,997
17 Aug-14 Dublin Ireland Half-Marathon 1h27.13  182nd 5,007
16 Jun-14 Bridgetown Barbados 12km ~52.00
15 Jun-14 Helsinki Finland Half-Marathon  1h33.01 90th 1,434
14b May-14 Edinburgh Scotland Half-Marathon  1h23.20 90th 9,652
14a May-14 Edinburgh Scotland 5km  17.49 12th  525
 14  Apr-14 Madrid Spain Marathon  3h14.37  869th 11,050
13b Mar-14 Edinburgh Scotland 5km 18.15  22nd 487
 13  Mar-14 Milan Italy Half-Marathon  1h24.37  281st 5,020
 12 Mar-14 Macau Macau Half-Marathon  ~1h45
 11  Mar-14 Hong Kong Hong Kong Half-Marathon  ~1h45
 10  Mar-14 Jakarta Indonesia 10miles  ~1h25
 9  Mar-14 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 7km  ~30.00 3rd ~1,000
 8 Feb-14 Mumbai India 10miles ~1h15
7a Feb-14 Edinburgh Scotland 5km  18.26 4th 478


Number Date Location Country Distance Time Position Competitors
7 Nov-13 Athens Greece Marathon  3h47.04  1,284th  8,489
6 Oct-13 Avenue des Baobabs Madagascar 10km  ~45.00  –
5 Sep-13 Newcastle GNR England Half-Marathon  1h27.59  674th  40,726
4a Jul-13 Edinburgh Scotland 10km 41.01 72nd 2,269
4 Jul-13 Coniston Trail England Trail Half-Marathon 2h01.09 40th 419
3a Jun-13 Dulwich England 5km 18.52 28th 225
3 Jun-13 Seychelles Seychelles 10km ~1h15…
2 May-13 Prague Czech Republic Marathon  3h19.20  524th  5,769
1 Apr-13 Edinburgh Scotland Half-Marathon  1h28.46  57th  4,361

“Pre-80 runs” races:

Number Date Location Country Distance Time Position Competitors
-1 Oct-12 Edinburgh Scotland 10km 42.08 157th 4,713
-2 Oct-11 Edinburgh Scotland 10km 49.39 1,179th 5,582
-3 May-10 Edinburgh Scotland Marathon 5h09.15 7,611th 9,459 –  Copyright 2017


4 thoughts on “Runs

  1. Try a race in New Zealand – the Northburn in Central Otago (50km, 100km or 100 miles), the Kepler starting in Te Anau (67km), the Tarawera Ultra in Rotorua (50km, 85km or 100km), the Queenstown Marathon…

  2. Hi, did you manage to find any information on running in Cuba? I am heading over there next week for three weeks of cycle touring but I love to run and have also been trying to find if there are any organised runs whilst I am there. We are cycling from Holguin, around the southern part of Cuba.
    Would love to hear of your running plans whilst you are there.

    1. Nope, no luck on running groups in Cuba, there’s absolutely nada information and I didn’t get any replies to various emails I sent! I’ll just be doing some exploratory long training runs in the various places we’ll be (probably something like Havana, Trinidad and Vinales) but will play it by ear. Good luck for your cycling/running!

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