World Map

Updated: July 2017

Bucket list:

  • Set a fancy dress marathon world record (they are surprisingly easy…) – Nope, not yet
  • Run a marathon sub 3 hours – TICK
  • Run a half marathon sub 1 hour 20 – TICK
  • Run a 10km sub 35 minutes – 71 seconds to go …
  • Run a 5km sub 17 minutes – TICK
  • Run a marathon in every continent – 2 to go (3 with Antarctica) …
  • Run a marathon at night – TICK (ish)
  • Run a marathon with a family member – TICK


  • Jersey Marathon, UK
  • Lyon Marathon, France
  • Ice Marathon, Antarctica
  • Polar Circle Marathon, Greenland
  • Reykjavik Marathon, Iceland
  • Great Wall of China, China
  • Boston Marathon, US – Planned 2018
  • London Marathon, UK  – TICK
  • Man vs Horse Marathon, UK – Planned 2017
  • Paris Marathon, France
  • Mont St Michel Marathon, France
  • Petra Marathon, Jordan
  • Big Five Marathon, South Africa
  • Lake Baikal Marathon, Russia
  • Amsterdam Marathon, Netherlands – TICK
  • Copenhagen Marathon, Denmark
  • Two Oceans Marathon, South Africa
  • etc etc …. let me know what to add to the list! –  Copyright 2016

3 thoughts on “World Map

  1. Bagon, Myanmar is one of the coolest places I’ve ever been. Didn’t even know they had a marathon (and, quite frankly have a hard time believing it), but this must be amazing. I’m hoping to run the Jersey marathon this year, as it’s coinciding with the Marathon Globetrotters annual meeting.

  2. What about doing the MOKRUN? Scenic, pipers, clay medal made by the potter on the Mull of Kintyre and Danish pastries after run plus a ceilidh in the evening. You also get a t-shirt. It might be full for this year but you could do it next year. It is a HM.

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