Watch as my hypochondria gets worse and worse….


Mar-13 African alien in stomach
Mar-13 ‘Chaffed’ right IT Band
Apr-13 Bruised foot sole
Apr-13 “Knackered legs”
May-13 Bleeding nipples – ow
Jun-13 “Tummy issues”
Jul-13 Blisters a-plenty
Aug-13 Sprained right ankle
Aug-13 Contact Dermititis – surprisingly bad!
Aug-13 Tight right Achilles Heel
Sep-13 Dead calf muscles
Oct-13 The return of the stomach alien
Nov-13 Dead thighs
Dec-13 Pulled right “Bum muscle” (that’s as scientific as it gets)
Apr-14 Return of the chaffed right IT band
Apr-14 Pulled right groin – not even Pippa’s fault
Jun-14 Shin Splints – it had been years, old friend. I hadn’t missed you…
Aug-14 Chaffed right IT band (old age…)
Sep-14 Pulled right hip muscle
Oct-14 Pulled right hip muscle
Nov-14 Pulled right hip muscle
Jan-15 Pulled right ankle/IT band
Mar-15 Right IT band, again… You’d think I’d start listening to the physio…
Apr-15 Right glute
May-15 Right glute
June-15 Broken left toe
June-15 Right knee tendinitis
Aug-15 African stomach alien returns…
Aug-15 “Cross-country ankles” (i.e. strained)
Nov-15 Wonky right knee (tendinitis?)
Dec-15 Cracked rib
May-17 Hamstring buggered (Chronic by now? Since Nov 16…)
Dec-17 Stress Fracture/Bone Hemotoma left foot

Updated December 2017 –  Copyright 2015

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