1 -The Indestructibles: Asics Gel Cumulus 2

May 2010-March 2013

Number of races: 2 

Having initially bought these shoes for a single, one-off marathon in 2010, they ended up lasting just shy of 3 years! Oops. Admittedly, you could almost see straight through the sole, sides and top by that point.

Knowing utterly nothing about running when I bought them, I imagine I picked them because I’d heard of Asics, they weren’t too expensive nor were they too cheap. Ah, the impressive knowledge of a wise buyer!

Pros: clearly, they don’t wear out very quickly.

Cons: pretty cheap in the grand scheme of shoes. They gave me shin splints which is clearly all about the shoes, not the runner…


Shoes2 AsicsGT10002 – The first of many blue shoes – Asics GT1000

March 2013 – September 2013

Number of races: 3

On the advice of my physio who laughed at the state of my previous shoes, I bought new ones. I picked these because they were blue, not too cheap but not too expensive and were Asics, which is what I had before. Still “the criteria of a true champion”, I hear you say.                                                     

Pros: they had a sole, which was a step up (boo-boom) on the last ones

Cons: they disintegrated pretty quickly and weighed a ton.


Shoes3 SauconyGuide63 – The Elephants – Saucony Guide 6

September 2013 – February 2014

Number of races: 3

But blue goes so well with my skin tone!” As I bought these for the Scottish winter, it was probably a fair comment as my skin probably was blue most of the time. Actually, I can’t remember why I bought these but I hesitated for quite some time as, back then, I’d never heard of Saucony. They probably looked reasonably fashionable but not too much that I’d look cool.

Pros: sturdy, somewhat indestructible. Blue.

Cons: heavy. And gave me quite a lot of leg injuries…


 Shoes4 AsicsFujiTrainer24 – The Crystal Meth shoes –  Asics Fuji Trainer 2

 July 2013 – Ongoing

Number of races : 3

…or whatever psychedelic drug this designer was on. They were … wow. I needed trail shoes for a trail half marathon and these looked fun so, well, screw it, I’m not a mountain goat anyway so speed doesn’t matter too much.

Pros: Light, fast, water-proof, fun-looking

Cons: increases your risk of getting picked out in a police line-up. Also quite sore if used on anything but soft terrain.


 Shoes5 SauconyGuide75 – The Last of the Mastodons – Saucony Guide 7

 February 2014 – April 2014

Number of races: 3

I was still picking heavy shoes for the support the provided over speed. However, these would be the last of the beasts. By now, I was starting to get reasonably decent times and it was pretty obvious that everyone who was faster than me not only had more colourful shoes but especially lighter shoes. Mesh broke pretty quickly.

Pros: only an upgraded model of the previous shoe: the creature of habit within me was very happy.

Cons: heavy. Standard “toe-hole” ventilation issue…


Shoes6 SauconyKinvara46 – The ‘Gets me home at night’ – Saucony Kinvara 4

May 2014 – June 2014

Number of races: 3

About as heavy as a duckling’s feather, this pair was also as strong as one as it only took about 2 weeks for my toes to start poking through. All in all, they lasted less than 2 months (of relatively infrequent use) so I won’t be buying these again! Bright. VERY bright.

Pros: hardly weighed anything. Self-luminescent.

Cons: started dissolving after only 2 weeks.


Shoes7 Mizuno Sayonara 27, 9, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18 – My first true love (sorry Pippa) – Mizuno Sayonara 2

June 2014 – Ongoing

Number of races: 6

After an hour looking at different shoes and not getting very far, the sales assistant dipped into the backroom and came out with these weird-looking Mizuno shoes. Having never given much thought to that brand at the time (I’m a little more embedded into the geeky running world now…), I initially wasn’t too keen. Once I put them on however, it was a different thing altogether: they fitted like a sock. Sturdy. Quite light. Solid. They were by far the best shoe I’ve ever bought (seven times…). Does Mizuno do a loyalty card?

I even ended up writing a lame article about them.

Pros: Nice fit, fairly light, solid, almost indestructible fabric (the sole wears down eventually, but that’s kind of normal…), funky designs.

Cons: None so far…


Shoes8 Asics Gel-DS Racer 108, 10, 15, 19, 22, 23 – The second-ever “right” shoe – Asics DS-Gel Racer 10

June 2014 – Ongoing

Number of races: 7

At the same time as I bought shoe 7 (and 9, 12….), I bought some race shoes which I wouldn’t batter quite as much. I’d seen many runners with these and I was told my toes wouldn’t poke through by the salesman. He was right! They fitted, were light as they were bright and sturdy too. My second “bought again” pair! (and again and again)

 Pros: light, fast, reasonably priced

Cons: the lightness probably means they aren’t great for longer-term training


Shoes11 Nike Zoom Rival XC11 – The reluctant shoe – Nike Zoom Rival XC

November 2014 – Ongoing

Number of races: 1

I hate cross-country. However, I hate the idea of getting injured even more so and running up and down a muddy hill is apparently good training. If anything, it’s good for your mental state: the rest of your life is normal compared to this.

These were discounted and fairly comfortable enough and those were pretty much the only two boxes I needed ticked.

Pros: Cheap. Come with spikes. Blue.

Cons: Involve Cross-Country running…


Shoes16 Nike Zoom Rival D16 – The Overdose – Nike Zoom Rival D

August 2015 – Ongoing

Number of races: 1

Using worn-down Cross Country spikes doesn’t really help much on track so I bought these to (successfully) break the 17 minute barrier. My main requirements were for them to be recommended by someone else and to be cheap-ish – these met both and one thing Nike actually do do quite well is track shoes (unlike longer distance ones).

Pros: red and black stripes, just like the Herne Hill top. [on a serious note, they’re actually pretty decent]

Cons: red and black stripes, just like the Herne Hill top. Dennis the menace overdose….


Shoes20 Mizuno Sayonara 320 – The “I knew your cousin so I’ll definitely like you” – Mizuno Sayonara 3

December 2015 – Ongoing

Number of races: 0

It’s hard to say much about them as they’re still in their box … however, they are much greener than the previous Mizuno. And that’s about it…! I’ll update in due course.


Shoes21 Under Armour Speedform21- The fashion victims – Under Armour Speedform

December 2015 – Ongoing

Number of races: ZERO

By trying to be too fashionable, these shoes ended up being victims of their own vanity and being awful for long distance running – good with jeans, less so with running shorts. I got given these shoes to review for Men’s Running. In short: look cool, no stability, not good for long distance, questionably so for short or medium too.

Pros: Look good

Cons: No stability.