2019 Annual Awards

With apologies to my legion of readers (my mum) who will have got excited when she got an email notification that a new story was up, this is indeed one of the less exciting posts of the year. But tradition is tradition and I need to get my usual annual awards written up.

It’s a little harder than most years mind you as I haven’t actually got that many exciting runs or races from 2019 to talk about. This isn’t because running wasn’t ever-present : training still took up a zillion hours running around a polluted track (the disadvantages of living in a capital city) and I still entered a fair few races, but most of these were local (the advantages of living in a capital city) and time constraints meant it was difficult to travel too much. That and an every increasing guilt about the hypocrisy of working in the field of climate change and travelling around the world to run. But hey, double standards are what makes the world go round, right?

2020 is already shaping up to be a little more interesting: a holiday to Oman in February has a stopover in Dubai for the RAK half marathon and the world half marathon champs are in Gdansk in Poland in late March. After that, who knows!

In the meantime, I’ll probably look to build on the 8 or 9 half marathons and 10ks I’ve done around Paris this last year, including of course the super fast Houilles 10k which goes past our new house (45 runners under 30 minutes, I was 262nd in 35’19!).

Anyway, here goes for 2019 achievements :

  • Achievement : Running from Bratislava to Budapest! Certainly not something I knew I’d be able to achieve up front,and great scenery and memories. Part One
  • Lesson learnt : Running (250km) on damaged tendons doesn’t do much good Part Two
  • First real injury : aaand… linked to above, two months without a single step running thanks to acute tendinitis Part Three
  • Most unexpected injury: getting shot
  • Most historical : trotting around the pyramids was pretty cool!
  • Most faecal : Paris marathon and its two mid race pit stops
  • Biggest technological assistance : the new Nike shoes…
  • Happiest development : making lots of new friends at Bois de Boulogne parkrun and Barbès Runners
  • Best PB: erm, there were none….

Over to 2020 now! 

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