2017 Annual Awards

Well, I meant to write this in December. Then in January. Then I totally forgot about it in February. Then I remembered last week and realised that no one would really care. Anyway, as I’m about to post a review of my first race of this year, I thought I’d squeeze this in and get it out of the way so that, in 50 years’ time, when I’m rich and famous for this blog, there won’t be a gap.

Unsurprisingly, 2017 was a pretty mixed year in terms of running: 90% frustrating and 10% successful. The 10% is the one good result of the year (my 10k PB in 35.14 at Ladywell). The 90% are the two slow marathons, the consistently hard and slow half marathons, the other 10ks, the 5ks, the parkruns, and the track events, in which I achieved a total of 0 PBs. Some might blame age; some might blame under-training; some might blame over-training; some might blame too much work; some might just look for loads of excuses. I suspect it’s a combination of all.

Nevertheless, if I were to pick out some of my best running moments of the year, they would be:

And now for the rest of 2018. It’s already started with a mixed performance at the Big Half so, fingers crossed, that’s just because I’m in the middle of marathon training and things will perk up soon! If not, it’ll be because of age, under-training, over-training, too much work etc etc

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