Still on form … ish

Olympic Park 10k MedalKeen to get a few race miles in before Zurich, I ran a very damp 10km race organised by the Mo Farah Foundation as it had dawned on me I hadn’t raced a ‘proper’ race (i.e. one which is flat, not cross-country, without stairs and where I’m not ill) since September. Which, well, isn’t great mental prep for a marathon.

I felt a little stiff from all the marathon training so I wasn’t paying any attention to my total time – only my pace. I really should have as I was only 8 seconds off PB – damn it. I also got overtaken in the last 20 metres – arse.

The medal was worth itΒ mind you!

Bonus pic:Β my physio tried a new “technique” of suction cupping to fix tissue – it leaves a nice imprint! Β Yum.

Leg Cup

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