Garmin thinks I’m drunk…

…or a ghost.  At least that’s what Garmin’s GPS outline of my run on Monday seems to suggest. Considering I was running in a straight line (and not through walls), it’s a good effort!

Drunk Garmin

Annoyingly, all these detours in and out of buildings and through thick walls probably explain why I ended up 1 second short of my 10k PB (d’oh) in 36:11. Oh well.

Oddly enough, just missing out on a PB wasn’t that disappointing. In my mind at least, it’s relatively easy to aim to beat your 10k time as you can almost do a race on a weekly basis unlike for marathons where it’s a twice a year job. Nevertheless, I’ll pay less attention to my watch next time when it’s telling me I’m on track for a PB: it ended up recording an extra 160m of course which I’m pretty sure is incorrect as this race was also the British Championships and I’m really quite sure they double check their distances!

In other news, we are still rocking the vegan diet apart from a few loopholes for chocolate. Other than that, 100% animal product-free for a month and we will probably keep it going. Surprisingly (?), it’s had no real effect on my weight. On the plus side, it’s also had no real (negative) impact on my times and correlation implies causality as we all know.

Anyway, onwards and upwards (?): next race is in Brussels this weekend for a new distance, a 20km race. This is great news as it means it’s another guaranteed PB! Ha.

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