7 days, 4 PBs…

…. and only 4 of them are clutching at straws! πŸ™‚

Frustratingly, I’m actually happy with none of these times but, well, it’s a gradual progress I guess. Rewinding back to last Saturday, I got my first PB for the Dulwich parkrun in 17.24 – not as fast as my track PB for 5k but my fastest so far around this course. So that’s my first “clutching at straws” PB.

On Wednesday, I got encouraged to take part in a couple of track races in the Rosenheim League as, according to a couple of club mates, I have a lot of speed in my legs (but they might doubt my endurance!). Therefore, due to a lack of other athletes available in our team, I ended up racing as our club scorer in the 800m (against former Olympian Paskar Owor!) and as a non-scorer in the 1,500m. As I had no real idea how to race these races, I adopted my normal tactic and shot off like an arrow. In the 800m, it didn’t pay off too well as, although I completed the first lap in 63 seconds, I took an extra 10 (!) seconds to complete the second and finished in 4th in 2.16. In the 1,500m, I was a little more restrained and managed to maintain a decent pace. In that one, I actually ended up winning by a good 10 seconds in 4.40! As these are both my first races at these distances, they are also PBs! (ish)

Last but not least in terms of clutching at straws was the ‘Night of the 10,000 PBs’ today, a great day of running organised by Highgate Harriers which included loud music, a (bouncy) DJ on track, a bar (also on track), salsa dancers, Ronnie O’Sullivan giving out awards and over 1,000 spectators! It was like no other track event I’ve been to (which are normally only attended by runners or coaches). It also had live streaming of the event online but, thankfully, it didn’t appear to have shown my race! You might be surprised to hear I set off like an arrow as usual, got caught up and eventually finished in 36.40. Technically, it’s not my PB over this distance (by 30 seconds) buuuttt….it’s the first 10,000m I’ve done on track (not road) so it is my final tenuous PB of the week!

My customary early-race lead!
My customary early-race lead!

I’d say more about the event as it was extremely fun but, in exciting news, I’ve been asked to write about it for the next issue of Men’s Running magazine so I’m sure I’d be infringing some copyright issues if I divulged all my wit and hilarious commentsΒ here!

Next race is BUPA 10k in ten days’ time. I just need to. learn. to. pace. myself!

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