Race Minus 2 : Edinburgh 10km, 2nd October 2011

In the 15 months between running the marathon and this race, I, well, put on a little weight. Not a lot and not that much that I needed to worry about it or buy reinforced toilets but certainly enough to reflect the fact that, for the best part of 18 months, I had been living away from home on expenses.

For those who don’t live this ‘glamorous’ lifestyle, it involves sitting at an office all day in front of a laptop then ordering a lot of oily and fatty food with room service in the evening, often alone, 4 days a week. As you munch away on your umpteenth Cobb Salad and salmon steak, Julie London’s ‘Cry Me a River’ invariably plays out on the radio…

Nevertheless, maybe the fact that I bought shorts with inside lining to avoid the thigh-chaffing which was bothering me should have been a hint?

About a month before the race, podgier me therefore signed up, got trotting and ‘actively encouraged’ (coerced) Pippa into signing up for the race too.

The Race

Anyone who has been to Edinburgh in early October and been to the city centre will know that a) it rains a lot b) it’s very very hilly. Therefore, while running 10km on flat in 20C was feasible, this race was reasonably tough.

In contrast to the previous race, I made the opposite mistake this time and signed up for a group too slow for me (whereas lots of really slow people had signed up for a group too high). This meant I spent pretty much the entire race overtaking people – whilst good for the ego, playing dodgems with 60 year olds slows you down a lot. This was accentuated by the fact that the first 2km are non-stop uphill going around Arthur’s Seat.


After panting up this sheer cliff, you whizz down to the Cowgate, around the Meadows (where I tried to drink but succeeded more in covering my cheeks and tshirt than swallowing) and, via the Mound and Princes Street, back to the Royal Mile and down to the Parliament. With a bit of left over energy, I sprinted – somewhat like a tank, towards the finish line in just under 50 minutes which was my pre-race target.

Pippa beat her target by a minute too, finishing in 59.04!


Final Time: 49.39, 1,179th/~5,582

Weather: rain2

Speed: sonic2


Achievement: thumbsup2

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