2015 Awards

It’s this time of the year again (where does time go?!) for the best-of/worst-of awards. 34 races down (43%), quite a few more countries knocked off, two articles in the Guardian, one ‘national’ record (ha) and three sets of broken bones.

80 runs – 2015 Awards

oscarFastest (relative to distance): Rotterdam
Hardest: Ethiotrail
Most random: Sealand
Most scenic: Ethiotrail
Most frustrating: Amsterdam
Coldest: Ust-Kamenogorsk
Most random injury: cracked ribs running into scaffolding
Wettest: surprisingly enough, it’s been a pretty dry year!
Best goodie bag: Route du Vin
Most unexpected development: going vegan
Steepest: Lyon Ultra Trail
Most badly organised: Lisbon
Most polluted: Almaty
Best crowd: Rotterdam
Most hated: any cross-country race
Km raced since 2013: 650km
Km run since 2013: 7,500km

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