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1st March 2013

This month, I turn 27. Which, if you asked my teenage self, is seriously old.

It’s Friday evening and I’m currently in my business suit, bags under my eyes, slouched on the East Coast train for my weekly commute from London to Edinburgh. My knee is creaky due to, well, old age.  My teenage self would probably smirk and say “told you so” and then most likely cringe at the person looking back at him.

With this in mind, I’ve decided to finally put pen to paper, to put my words into action and to register the website for the start of what will be, I hope, a great adventure over the next decade or so.

In the spirit of Jules Verne, I want to see the world. I enjoy running, I enjoy a challenge, I enjoy going to places most people wouldn’t go and I especially enjoy achieving something unusual. Combining all of these gave me one simple plan: I would run around the world in 80 days. Back on earth, the laws of physics and thermodynamics suggested I would need to improve my average running speed about 10 fold to do this which, with all the willpower and training in the world, might be a bit much.  (although, if I ran non-stop (no toilet breaks, sleep or eating) for 80 days, I would only need to improve my average speed 1.5 times – easy!)

My new plan is born: I will discover the world by running 80 races in 80 different locations around the world and document my training, my experiences, my reflections, my races and my journey. Enjoy (or at least don’t fall asleep)!

March 2016 Update

Sealand – No Half Measures

 www.80runs.co.uk –  Copyright 2016

One thought on “About

  1. Dear Mr. Messenger,

    My name is Liz Holland and I am a representative of a Loyola Marymount University Documentary project. Along with two other honors film students, I would like to approach you about being interviewed for our documentary about the Principality of Sealand. While doing our research for the documentary, we came across your name as having run a half marathon on the micronation. This is fascinating to us, and we want to hear more about the sportsmen of Sealand and the process of being attached to a Sealand event.

    It would be a privilege to get to interview you and your relationship to Sealand. We will be flying to England in mid-May and leaving June 1st. If there are any days you would be available in that time frame, we would love to know. We want to accommodate your schedule as much as possible if you are willing to appear in our documentary. If you would like to know the types of questions we would ask, we could send you samples as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon,
    Liz Holland

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