Sealand Half Marathon – we did it!

Sealand VisaAnd we made it back just before the stormy weather kicked in and kept us stuck out there for the week!

In brief, as it’ll take a few days to type up the adventure, we headed out last Friday to Sealand, a micro-nation Principality based on a World War II fortress in the North Sea, 12km off the eastern shoresΒ of England. Sealand was settled in 1967 by the Bates family, who declared independence from the UK at that point. Despite years of legal wrangling, it’s still here, 49 years on.

And what were we doing there? Well, running a half marathon, of course!

Sealand OutlineSealand WinchAfter a 3.30am rise, a somewhat perilous journey gettingΒ the huge treadmill up onΒ the fortress, getting winched up the worryingly named the “Plummet Winch” and a few heart palpitations to get the treadmill to work (note to self: always check the power is on!), everything was in place for the first ever Sealand Half Marathon.

As for why on earth (or sea) did we do this!? Well….why not! πŸ™‚

Full update in the next few days…

Sealand Half Marathon

Thanks again to Nordic Track, Nathan Sports and LetItHowl (and the Sealand Government!) for helping make this happen.

The documentary of the journey will come out in mid-September, to be launched at a venue somewhere in central London. It’ll also be in the next version of Men’s Running magazine.

2 thoughts on “Sealand Half Marathon – we did it!

  1. This really is fame. You got into the Clacton and Frinton Gazette. See you at Race the Train. Chris and Kate

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