2014 Awards!

So… it’s this time of the year again! I’m 24% of the way there (19 races)…and I’m still going strong (ish). Work allowed me to travel a little further than I’d planned this year so this was a pretty busy year. And, with that in mind, these are the ’80 runs – 2014 Awards’!

80 runs – 2014 Awards

oscarFastest (relative to distance): Edinburgh
Most hated technology: Garmin (Berlin)
Best Achievement (in hindsight): Berlin
Wettest: Edinburgh, second year running
Most polluted: 1) Jakarta 2) Hong Kong 3) Macau
Most eradicated ailment: Tummy alien (turns out me and lactose are now sworn enemies)
Most badly organised: 1) Lyon, France 2) Milan, Italy 3) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Best crowd: Berlin
Most rapid “high-to-low” transition: After 42km and 100m, Berlin…
Most adventurous: Macau
Best groupie: Pippa
Most scenic: Mumbai, India
Hardest: Helsinki, Finland
Steepest: Madrid, Spain
Kilometres raced since 2013: 350km
Kilometres run since 2013:ย 4,500km

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