2013 Awards!

With 7 races done (and only 92% of the challenge left to go…!), it seems like a good opportunity to allocate 2013 awards for the runs so far!

Whilst I feel the pigeon who got kicked twice on a training run last month (accidentally before you call the RSPCA), the man running the Great North Run with a fridge on his back or the support vehicle in Madagscar might all deserve a mention, here are the official ’80 runs – 2013 Awards’!

80 runs – 2013 Awards

oscarMost humbling run: Seychelles

Most scenic run: Prague

Fastest (relative to distance): Newcastle

Most persistent ailment: Tummy alien

Most unexpected injury: Acute Dermatitis

Most likely to be advised not to run by a doctor: Seychelles, narrowly followed by Athens

β€˜Runniest’ run: Seychelles

Wettest run: Edinburgh

Hardest run: Lake District

Most fun run: Madagascar

Steepest run: Lake District

Most humid run: Madagascar

Most historic run: Athens

Kilometres raced: 167km (which actually seems quite measly when added up!)

Kilometres run: ~2,000km

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